Arancha Rodriguez Fernández


Arancha Rodríguez Fernández holds a degree in Journalism from Complutense University of Madrid, an MA in Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies from University of València and an MA in Secondary Education from University of Vigo. She is currently working on her PhD in University of Santiago de Compostela under the supervision of Dr. Manuela Palacios González. Provisionally entitled The Extreme Region: Love Discourse in Women’s Contemporary Poetry in Galicia and Ireland, her research analyses contemporary women’s love poetry in both countries, paying special attention to the construction of identity and gender within the love discourse in these particular places. Rodríguez Fernández’s main research interests include Love Studies, Gender and Queer Studies, Comparative Literature and Literature of Female Authorship. She is a member of the group of competitive reference Discourse & Identity (GRC2015/002 GI-1924, Xunta de Galicia), and also a member of the research group Crosswinds (NUI Galway, Moore Institute).


Relevant Contributions:

“A place of one’s own: spaces and belongingness in contemporary women’s poetry from Galicia and Ireland”. Paper presented at the The Place I Call Research: Localizing Social Inquiry, Manchester University (Manchester, UK). 15/06/2018.

“Our Shared Japan: Contemporary Spaces of Love and Exoticism by Irish Women Poets”. Paper presented at the XVII International AEDEI Conference “Ecofictions and Irish Studies”. University of Santiago de Compostela. 31/05-01/06/2018.

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“Domestic Arrangements: A Sense of Belonging in Vona Groarke’s Other People’s Houses and María Lado’s casa atlántica/casa cabaret”. Paper presented at II International Conference “The Discourse of Identity”. University of Santiago de Compostela. 08-09/06/2017.

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