Irene Basanta Pin


Irene Basanta Pin holds a degree in Audiovisual Communication from University of Santiago de Compostela, where she is studying her MA in Literary and Cultural Studies. She is currently working on her Master Dissertation under the supervision of Dr. César Pablo Domínguez Prieto, entitled Natural Bodies: Depiction of Women at Ecofeminist Videopoetry. She works as a research assistant in the project Eco-fictions: Emergent Discourses on Woman and Nature in Galicia and Ireland (MINECO-ERDF FEM2015-66937-P). Pin’s main research interests include Ecocriticism, Ecofeminism, Experimental Cinema, Videocreation and Documentary Films.

As an independent filmmaker, she has written a few shortfilms (Dear Godot, My Eyes Hurt, Welcome to Disaster) and directed two documentary films: Ai, Pardiñas, dásme a vida (2016) and Slowly Dying (Pin & Ferreiro, 2017). Pin has also made an internship as a photo-videographer in the journal Sermos Galiza. As a poet, she has published in the literary journal Grial and in the autoedited magazine Aires Novos (2009-2012), created and coordinated by her during highschool.

Relevant contributions:

“An Apology for Nature: The Female Gaze in ‘Novo Cinema Galego’”. Co-written with Manuela Palacios. Work in Progress.

“Morgana xa non!”. In Viaxes físicas, imaxinarias e críticas. Ed. Philip Krummrich. Kingfisher, 2018: 97-104.

“O corpo ecofeminista na poesía de LoveHoldLetGo”. Paper presented at Reading the Gendered Body: Body Spaces & Borders in Cultural Productions. University of Santiago de Compostela, 20/05/2018.

“Presige: Ecoloxía, sociedade e cultura”. Paper presented at ‘Post-Ige’: A cultura despois do barco. University of Santiago de Compostela, 14/09/2017.