Research Project: Eco-fictions: Emergent Discourses on Woman and Nature in Galicia and Ireland (MINECO-ERDF FEM2015-66937-P)

PI: Manuela Palacios González

Members: Margarita Estévez Saá; María Xesús Nogueira Pereira; Marilar Aleixandre; María Jesús Lorenzo Modia; María Jesús Cabarcos; Olivia Rodríguez González; Ana Acuña Trabazo; Martín Veiga; Anne Fogarty. 

Period: 2016-2018

Funding Entity: Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and the ERDF

Funding: 35.574,00 

The research project Eco-Fictions intends to identify and assess the emergent discourses on the relation woman-nature that have appeared in Galicia and Ireland since the last decades of the twentieth century. The project’s hypothesis is that the changing social and environmental conditions of these recent decades, together with women’s more active participation in the public sphere, have produced emergent discourses that entail new practices and values in our relation with nature. The project’s transnational, ecoregional and ecofeminist approach aims to bridge the gap between artistic creation and political intervention, between environmental theory and social action. As such, this multidisciplinary project seeks to provide the academic, artistic and administrative institutions with a methodologically updated analysis that addresses women’s rights alongside environmental awareness.